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Dakota's journal 4
The Balad of Bob the goblin

We had made it through the goblin line. Dawn was approaching and the horses were getting tired. Abadias and Frost were scouting ahead and were suddenly attacked by the two biggest meanest brown bears I had seen since leaving tribal lands. Abadias put one down with his scimitar, and I finished the other one off with a well placed Snowball…

Abadias and Grog set about cutting the bears up for meat and fur. Callum, Tessa and I set up camp while Mordechai and Bran took care of the horses. We decided to rest for a while before continuing on.

Abadias cooked up some of the bear meat. He grilled it over the fire with wild onions and mushrooms and flavored it with garlic, and some salted butter. It was the most delicious meal I have ever had. Abadias really out did himself. I had 2 of the steaks and a large plate of the mushrooms and onions. … Tessa asked me where I put all the food being so small…

While we were eating I told the others the story of Bob the goblin….

Bob was a goblin… A condition he was born with and despite years of trying, never was able to overcome. He toiled as a ditch digger most of his life and had spent countless years in fruitless pursuit of a goblin girl named Rita. Things had not been good for Bob, but one day his luck turned around. He had spotted some adventurers and due to his high perception and quick action in alerting his boss, was promoted to tower guard. He quickly made a name for himself as a master spotter. He impressed the chief so much that the chief allowed him to marry his lifelong love Rita, the chief’s daughter… Rita became pregnant and the goblin chief decided to promote Bob to Watch commander… he just had to finish one more night as tower guard. Bob was confident that one day he would be chief and would raise his child with his beautiful wife in a much better life than he had known… Tessa interrupted me at this point and said I was making this up… but its true… I swear…

…anyway, that was where Bob ran into us. Abadias, Frost and me were scouting a way past the tower and guard post. I had made us invisible. Abadias told me to touch his pearl and I would regain some power. I did… And he said later he would give me a pearl necklace… He was smiling weirdly (weird even for Abadias). Later when I told Tessa, she seemed to get mad and told me to stay away from him… So, we made it across the goblin trench, but on our way back Bob spotted us. Before he could call out, Abadias shot him with a sleep arrow. We got lucky and no one else had seen us. Abadias climbed up the tower. He cast invisibility on himself and hoisted Bob up. He made Bob’s lips move and shouted “This life sucks, I cant take it…” and threw poor Bob off the tower… Bob got his arm caught on the tower as he fell and died in a most spectacular and painful way… his head torn apart at each part of the wall it collided with. This caused all of the goblins in the area to rush over…. This was not intentional but did allow us to sneak everyone through the other trench… Callum cast a spell that made the trench rise so the horses could get through but unfortunately we ran into another goblin sentry. I took him out with a Snowball… We decided to ride quickly away and Abadias covered our tracks with dust of tracelessness. We rode all night and this is where we met the bears…

After eating and telling of poor Bob… we went to sleep. I Am not sure but I recall fighting giant monster spiders… no one else remembers it and says I must have been dreaming… but I know the truth… the spiders must have injected everyone but me with some kind of poison that made them forget… Tessa says she held me all night and there were no spiders… for some reason she insisted on us sleeping away from Abadias… Meanwhile Mordechai was so quiet I did not even know he was there… and Bran I am not sure if he was there…

In the morning, I used prestidigitation to clean Tessa and me and our clothes… She kind of pouted and said she likes it when I am dirty… I prefer being clean though… After a nice breakfast of more bear steak and mushrooms, we set off. We are heading up into the mountains and the terrain is starting to get too much for the horses. We decided to stop and let the horses go… The only other option is to kill them and wear their skins while we dance, but the others looked at me strangely when I suggested it.

Dakota's journal 3

The first night in town and its Abdias’s fancy celebrity chef dinner party. Frost is upset because I am taking Tessa as my plus one. Grog doesn’t look very happy either. He came down from his room at the Inn wearing his Dinner jacket and top hat, but when he saw Frost pouting and Tessa dressed up, he just turned back around and went upstairs without saying a word…

Anyway Tessa and I arrived at about 7:00. Abadias was already there setting everything up and cooking. The food smelled great… While we were waiting for dinner to start I made my rounds to my usual high society friends. Lord Ulevander was there… he is what the others call “new Rich” which means he is nicer than most but seems to have something to prove. He introduced me to Lady Cecilia of House Tafton. She is a very important noble from an old family. She has been widowed several times, and told me that her current husband just died… I could have sworn she was married last time I was in town. She is a stately older gal in her late 40’s. I have heard other people call her “Lady Graybush…” Tessa told me not to though… or at least not in front of her. Lady Cecilia invited me and Tessa for a drink at her private table… Her large body guard kept others away while she talked. Lady Cecilia offered to sponsor our adventuring group, but said it had to be under the table… I looked but I didn’t see anything under there. Tessa said that she meant “without Guild knowledge”. She said that we would benefit by getting a discount at the Magic Emporium she owns, and all I would have to do is tell everyone that when I buy magic items I always buy from The magic Emporium. She also gave me a magical pair of bracers as a “sign on bonus”. Tessa seemed happy with the deal so I agreed. I gave Tessa the bracers which earned me a kiss.

We mingled more in the party as the food wasn’t quite ready. Lady Renwald was wearing a beautiful dress. I showed Tessa the dress. It must of cost a fortune.. Lady Renwald is a larger lady but the dress still looked great on her.

Finally the food was ready. We gathered around a large table where the food was set up. Abadias had prepared Rare Chimera Shank with Chimera pate’ and a wild pear and onion garnish. Desert was cinnamon dragon scale cupcakes. The food was delicious and caused quite a buzz. I talked up Abadias and said that he catches all of his ingredients fresh himself and is the only chef I trust with my daily food… A rival chef named… something frenchy… started talking about how the food was mediocre and pedestrian. Abadias defended his cooking which caused the Frenchy guy to challenge him to a food duel. Apparently that is a thing here. Abadias agreed under the stipulation that each chef could only prepare what the hunted and killed themselves. Frenchy agreed. Lady Cecilia said that frenchy is a master chef and Abadias may be in trouble… I asked her how to become a judge and she said it was basically up to her as the host… So maybe I can be a judge.

The next day Tessa and I went shopping. I didn’t need anything but Tessa needed basically everything. We bought her new armor, new weapons, and other essentials. She was happy and gave me another kiss… When we got back to the Inn there was a commotion out front. A mob had formed to kill the Samsaran serial killer we had brought back. Callum was trying to explain to the crowd that if they killed him he would just reincarnate and would not receive the punishment he deserved. Bran convinced the crowd to let him take the samsaran out of town with him and meet out punishment on his terms. For some reason a lot of the villagers really like Bran and some even believe he is truly a god… So they agreed. I am confused. He is a killer. Why let him live? Oh well.

Later that night Tessa presented me with a present. It was a dress just like the one Lady Renwald had worn at the party! Tessa said it would need to be fitted to me as it was a little large, but we did not have time while we are in town this time. She also said that it would be in poor taste to wear the same dress Lady Renwald had worn the night before so I should wait a while before wearing it… I asked Tessa why there was blood on the dress. She told me not to worry about it. Tessa is so thoughtful!!!

The next morning we set off. The Samsaran prisoner with us. We travelled all day and came across a farmhouse.. everyone was dead… it looked like goblins had killed them.

We continued on and stumbled on a goblin camp. The goblins were sleeping, so we snuck up on them and killed them. We left one alive for questioning. We let Bran and Grog question him. He did not have much to tell us so Bran told Grog to murder him. I am torn. Goblins are evil…. but so is the Samsaran prisoner. Why does he get to live and the goblin who surrendered peacefully have to die… Abadias seemed confused as well…

After that we saw the large town in the distance. There was bonfires all through it and it did not look right. I cast invisibility on myself and Abadias. Callum, Tessa and Bran snuck up into the town. It was occupied by Goblins, bugbears and some ogres. We searched a bit (being stealthy) but saw no signs of the crazy druid we are looking for. We decided not to chance fighting the large number of troops in the town and set off.


When Dakota is asked about Tessa

What I know about Tessa?

Well, she said her father was a pure blood elf from someplace called the Gadiehal Wildwood. I asked her where that was, but she doesn’t know. She never had anything to do with her father’s family or people. Anyway, her father, I think she said his name was Oak, or Owen or something elfy sounding, was a ranger. This took him far from the elven lands. One day he happened upon a small farm just outside of the village of Ashgrove in the foot hills of the mountains. There he saw a beautiful human girl with fiery red hair… Tessa’s mom, Lerna. The two fell in love (or so Tessa thought) and the elf stayed at the farm for three years with the girl and her family. HE was a skilled and hard worker, so Lerna’s father did not object. During that time a child was born. The elf named her Tes’yla Linlyth Aslan, but that was hard for human tongues, so they called her Tessa. One day the Elf packed up his belongings and set off promising he would return and take Lerna and their daughter to the elf lands where they would live in splendor. This was not to be though. Tessa spent the next 12 years of her life being told that her elven father would return to whisk them away from the hard life on the farm to a life of luxury. Well, her father did not return, but others did. One day while Tessa was playing in the hills above the farm, a small company of elven warriors in shining golden armor arrived at the farm. At first she was ecstatic at the thought that her father had returned., but her joy turned into terror as the elves attacked the farm. She watched as they killed her mother and family and then burned the farm to the ground. She waited until night, then crept back to the burnt farm. She found a few coins but everything else was destroyed. The elves had taken nothing… they had just come to murder her family. To this day Tessa has a deep hatred and fear of elves.

Tessa set off into the world. The only family she had ever known, dead.

She made her way by stealing and scavenging until she met up with a bandit band called the Archers of the silent Arrow. They were recruiting children and she decided to join up. They operated in the Kossoch Forest along Darkwater river. She became an active member and spent her money on body piercings and tattoos. It was with this group that we met up with her.

Dakota's journal 2

Things looked bleak. Before us stood a mighty hill giant. Huge. I never knew something could be so big… Abadias asked if my mother was telling stories about him again… I am not sure I know what he means…especially since I never knew my mother… Anyway… on either side of the Giant were 2 ogres… larger and meaner looking than the other ogres we have fought…. Behind him, the foul bugbear general stood snarling at us… Several more bugbears took position behind him…

I summoned my magic to cast Haste on Frost, Abadias, Callum, Grog and Tessa. We spread out and advanced. Abadias, Mordechai and Callum waded into the middle to confront the giant. Frost moved to the left to take out the bugbear lieutenants, Bran and Grog held back to hold off the goblins that had followed us. Tessa and I moved forward. Tessa said that if we get out of this she will show me a special ritual of her people called “scissoring” I am not sure I need my hair cut, but if it makes her happy I am willing to try. Tessa drank her potion of invisibility and took position.

The bugbear general climbed up on the shoulders of the Hill giant… Tessa shot a volley from her two pistol crossbows taking advantage of the sneaking. Abadias, and Callum engaged the giant. Mordechai attacked the ogre on the right. Frost slammed into the ogre on the left, ripping at him with claw, bite and Horns (thanks to my evolution surge). The ogre exploded into gore… Frost then played with the corpse a bit… (Frost is always so silly). Fearing for Tessa I used my magic to make her invisible again.

The Bugbears moved up to attack. One of them spoke some kind of prayer that emboldened all the rest. The others attacked Abadias and Callum. The Ogre on the right hit Mordechai, and the giant had some trouble hitting Abadias. The Bugbear general cast a healing spell on the giant.

Tessa let off another sneak round with her crossbow pistols, scoring a nice hit on the bugbear leader. I cast invisibility on her again and Frost murdered the bugbear who had spoke and strengthened his friends the round before. Abadias and Callum were still fighting the Giant. Mordechai finished off the ogre, and moved to confront the bugbears.

Tessa fired at the giant killing it… She really is spectacular… I fired off a Snowball at the Bugbear general. One of the bugbears summoned a couple goblins but Callum and Grog made short work of them. Abadias killed one of the bugbears, as did Mordechai. Frost killed another bugbear and swept into the last goblin killing him.

Abadias and Callum killed the bugbear general… ending the fight. We managed to save most of the Samsarans… But 20 of them were killed by the Bugbear scum… And worst of all the crazy druid we were protecting was gone… He was strange, kept calling us cranberry and blueberry… he talked to squirrels and chickens. I am not upset he is gone, but the others seem to be…

We gathered up the survivors and brought them back to town. There we met our contact… He did some talking that the others seemed to follow, but he is what Callum would call “the Dick” so I just focused on eating and drinking.,… It seems we are going on a quest to find that crazy druid… oh well.

We divided up the treasure… each share came out to 10,000 gp… I am gonna have some fun in town before we leave, and Tessa and I will do some shopping… Speaking of Tessa, she showed me her “Scissoring” custom… turns out it does not involve hair… It… well I don’t want to talk about it. I really like Tessa, but that was kind of weird… fun, but weird… Tessa said that it is not weird. Anyway we have entered some kind of partnership. Like blood brothers but not… She mostly wants to hold my hand and kiss me… Her people must be very affectionate. I am still deciding what to shop for…


Mordechai's Journal

Morcechai communes with Nisha’s spirit. Nisha misses her party & wants to welcome them to the afterlife where they can be together again.

Dakota's journal 1

Today we put our plan into action. We are going to save the Samasarans!!! I don’t exactly know why… Callum says that if they die they will just come back again… Oh well… I like their blue skin… and their food isn’t bad… and the drinks were even yeah, lets save them.

We waited until dark and set out. We have 4 wagons. And we let the old and infirm use our horses… except for Horise… He bit Abadias when Abadias tried to put an elderly on him…

The rest had to walk. We divided ourselves into two groups… Group one was Abadias, Me, Frost and Tessa. Tessa insisted on being in our group. She is really great, always smiling at me and giving me hugs… Really my best friend aside from Frost. Group two is Callum, Nephix and the new guy Mordechai with Grog. I miss Nisha… She was sometimes mean to me, but she was fun. Mordechai is a solid enough guy… I have seen him take on Ogres single handedly… but he has a habit of falling asleep though…

Before we set off I Cast Invisibility and Evolution surge on Frost to make him fly. We wanted him to scout out the Goblin occupied area before we started to move. I used the sight to see and hear through Frost. As always it was unsettling at first but I got used to the sensation. Frost and I saw several new constructions still being built, along with several new trenches… the goblins were stepping up the production. There was also 2 big towers we would have to pass.

We set off with the darkness as our cover. We soon came to workers building onto a trench. Nefix used his God magic to take the shape of a bugbear on a demon horse and bluffed the Bugbear commander to let our caravan through. Unfortunately the trick only lasted a little while and the Bugbear commander and his Ogre bodyguard (as well as all the goblin laborers and more bugbears) soon attacked. Abadias, Mordechai and Grog managed to kill the Ogre and the bugbear leader… Frost and I took care of the other bugbears while Callum and Nefix took care of the goblins and helped the Samsarans on foot flee… Tessa stuck close to me.

We made it through the first blockade and ran into the two fortified towers. I took out the Archers on the towers with Tessa while Frost held up the first gate and Callum and Mordechai held up the second gate. Abadias was killing all the mobile threats and Nefix secured the fleeing Samsarans…

But finally we were free from the towers, the wagons were through and the Samsarans on foot were through. We had won.. Tessa was so excited she kissed me right on the lips… she really is a very affectionate friend!

But when we went through the gate to follow the Samsarans, we saw disaster… The wagons were overturned and on fire… The samsarans captured… and the bug bears were waiting for us with a giant and lots of goblins… I don’t know how we are going to get out of this…


Notes prior to 8_14_15

Notes for Larry’s Open Sand Box

  1. Coby – Cullen Samsaran Warpriest
  2. Mike- Abadias Tiefling Magus
  3. Steve – Nisha Teifling Sorcerer Deceased
  4. Steve – Mordechai Human Fighter
  5. Sammie – Nephix Fetchling Sorcerer
  6. Bill – Dakota Human Summoner
  7. Bill – Frost a wolf style Eidolon

Starting in the NW Country near the Boarder of the W Country just N of the City State
High King
- Lesser Kings
o Barons
▪ Dukes
History is hard to find
SW Country is very corporate and owned by Dwarves
- Leadership is based on their ledger balance
Astor is our Keeper
-a good/well known fixer
1st Mission
Janestown approximately 200 people
- Contact will provide details when we get to the Riversend Tavern.
- Bob is a taciturn quest giver who gave us grief for being late
- When another initiate, Croe, arrived after us and was treated like the favorite son
o I placed a 5 GP bet on us to survive 4 to 1 odds
- Directed to find Scout when we get there and he will offer us our quest
On our way we were ambushed by 5 bandits. Nephix was severely wounded. We killed 4 and the last I offered a position in our band. Pip has joined the party.
4 bandits
When we met Scout he is a grizzled old man who is always on the move and trying to protect the people in his little corner of the world.
- Every couple of years goblins come from the N.
- When it gets real bad Scout shows up and brings adventurers
- Them Yonder Hills
- Big Wood is before Big Hill
We talked to some of the locals in the tavern and gathered as much info as we could.
- I bought some of the tavern keepers moonshine and it was good.
o I am planning on buying as much as he has for sale before I leave
We started out going N and looking to discover information on the Goblins.
We ran into a home that is home to a woodcutter, his young adult son and wife. Pip warned us that he works with the bandits. So, I hid and listened into what he was saying to his family after my fellow adventurers. He told his wife that he was going to warn the bandits but he sounded reluctant. I sent Pip to go and get my companions. The woodcutter heard them returning and goes out with his son armed for a conflict. I sneak up behind him and threaten to kill him and his family if he attacks. He attacks. I shoot him and tell him to stop that we only want to talk. He doesn’t. Callem attacks and I attack one last time killing him instantly. All attempts to revive him failed. Meanwhile the rest of the party restrains the son. Steve puts us to sleep with a sleep spell and effectively stops the fight. The son runs back into the house and down into the basement. Dakota ransacks the house.
1 woodcutter
We decide to continue on off of the road. This leads us to being ambushed by goblins. We kill the raiding party and the only one who gets wounded is Nephix, again. We find a signal horn that is of fine make and hear 4 horns in the distance.
6 goblins
Tracking the goblins in the area we find trampled clearings where the have killed the homesteaders and their livestock. We are attacked by 4 goblin dogs and we kill them quickly and cleanly. We discover a burned out farmstead that there are 11 goblins hiding in the barn which is still in good shape. We proceed to attack them but in the process we lose Pip to goblin ferocity. Nothing can be done to save him. R.I.P. Pip. But there is another signal horn.
4 goblin dogs
11 goblins
Continuing to track the goblin trails we walk into another ambush. We kill the goblins and goblin dogs that attack us.
8 goblins
2 goblin dogs
We continue on to Big Hill. Where we find a human and a hobgoblin conversing in goblin about their plans. Human is selling goblins to the hobgoblins and sending goblins south to We defeat the hobgoblins, goblins and human. Capturing 2 hobgoblins, 2 goblins and 1 human. Nephix begins attempting to interrogate the prisoners by slaughtering them and threatening to do the same to the next in line. When that seems to get us nowhere I stepped in and got information from both the surviving hobgoblin and human. The human gained the chance to live and earned 2 days. I left him manacled to a stalagmite well fed and with water. I plan to come back and save him if possible. The hobgoblin Grog swears vengeance on Bran for his dishonorable slaughter of his kinsman. But, Grog is willing to help us and teach me his code of honor. The hobgoblin code of honor is similar to the samurai code. While he is teaching me he will not attack Nephix or me. He says this could take years. Grog has joined the party.
- The boss is Clive
- The baron up north has hired the bandits to destabilize the area
- If the area is destabilized enough then the southern baron will be forced to bring in troops which gives the northern baron an advantage and a chance to grab more land.
- The children normally run the bandit camp. They keep a few dogs. But, the boss is there right now.
When we were sneaking up the camp we were ambushed by kids dropping rocks on me. We left the two of them tied up there. We forgot about them after the fight at the bandits’ hideout. We did send back the woodcutter’s son to hopefully save them.
We went to the bandit’s hideout staying stealthy and keeping on the look out. We are nowhere near stealthy enough. We were stalked and ambushed outside the camp, but we have been able to pick off their snipers and some of us have started to make it into the camp. However this is where their leader has decided to take a personal interest in the fight and is heading toward Callum.
After some near death experiences we defeated the bandits at their camp. The leader downed a potion of invisibility and ran like a bitch. Callum callously killed the sleeping bandits that Nisha put to sleep. One of the skilled snipers ran into the office and was grabbing money to flee. I captured him and searched the office. We found a map of the area, ledger, lists of supplies and some letters. 4 of the letters are encoded and have the seal of the southern baron on the bottom left. The 5th letter however is not encoded and the seal is on the bottom right and appears to be from the baron from the south. Best guess is the 5th letter is a forgery and is meant to incriminate the southern baron.
5 Skilled Snipers – Level 3 Rogues
7 Brigands – Level 2 Warriors
There are 15 children in the bandit compound that they bandits have captured and are raising them for some nefarious purpose. We convinced the children to come with us so that they could be protected as part of the village. The children seem to be well cared for and know their duties.
Larry mentioned that the village did not have many children but we did not ask anything about that. I wonder if the southern children and being stolen and sent north since the northern children seem to be stolen and sent south.
On the way back to the village we ran into a dire wolf that tried to tell us something. None of us had any way to speak with the wolf, so we just walked past. The woodcutter’s son ambushed us and demanded the release of the children. We basically ignored him and he argued with the wolf. As we walked away I suggested he could follow us to make sure that we did not do anything to the children.
We learned that the woodcutter’s wife was preordained to lose her love because she abandoned the woods of her birth for love. She is a druid of immense power and the woods are calling her daughter home. The druid and her son and daughter are going back to the woods.
I left a letter for the woodcutter’s son. If he wishes as reparation for the loss of his father I will stake him in the adventurer’s guild.
They are well received at the village when we get them their. From everything we gather during our trip they are from the northern areas.
I bought 3 casks of moonshine for 30 GP which will be 100 bottles in cask for a total of 300 bottles at a price of 1 SP each.
● Crosstown is the name of the main city where we started our mission. 5000+ population
We returned and are accepted into the guild. Bob is still a dick and he has the ledger, letters and lists of supplies. We turned over the prisoner and let Bob turn him into the sheriff. We asked for a better mission with more loot and less slaughtering of mangy goblins. Scout says he will bring us a mission in a couple of days if we want it.
Met an awesome grumpy old blacksmith who makes good armor. I got a Mithril Chain Shirt and he directed me to a good enchanter that enhanced it.
The bag man was a sack… Snotty jack ass wouldn’t negotiate. Sammy abused him of the idea that he would be bringing an orphanage next door.
Going back to the tavern we overheard Bob arguing with a town guard about some things were stolen from him and the guard had done nothing.
Steve’s character Nisha seduced Bob, cast sleep and tossed his room. She got information on the bandit attacks and troll attacks. And, gave him a happy ending… DIRTY!
We talked Bob into giving us a chance on some of the better jobs, a troll. To do this I discussed the map and the other troll jobs to make sure that we weren’t getting ourselves in too deep and that even if we failed to kill the troll we wouldn’t cause him to retreat into another adventuring group and ruin their chances. He seemed to start and take to us a little bit.
I spoke with the whore who stole from me and she was completely unapologetic. I didn’t give her any grief but instead told her that she just stole her tip. Since she is a thief I asked her to find out information on what was stolen from Bob, why and by whom.
- letters were stolen from Bob
o the letters we got from the baron
- Guy that was stealing the letters was wearing a prisoner’s gown
1 Troll
We went and slaughtered our troll. It seemed to have eastern weaponry and coins. Why are they migrating to here? We will ask Grog if he knows anything.
- The trolls are used as instruments of war by other clans
- Grog’s clan uses Cyclopes because they understand honor better.
o Rival clan is the house of thorn
▪ Highly warlike
▪ More like standard hobgoblins
▪ Expansionist
o Grog is from house of Gnar (Tortoise)
▪ Looking for staging areas to attack their rival
▪ Gathering goblin cannon fodder
Croe’s crew was in a cart wacking trolls
- Casper the Elf Alchemist with Croe’s crew bringing back “fresh” trolls.
- Croe appears to be wearing an armored pancho, longsword, 2 short swords and a crossbow
- Olaf of the untiring arm is bludgeoning the troll and keeping him deadish
Learned that going north where you can cross between the western and eastern is dangerous and there is UPHEAVAL such as civil war and raiders. This is near the coastal areas.
Guards coming into Jaynestown and taxing it are coming from another town, Gershom, controlled by the Sheriff. Scout doesn’t think this would happen unless he has something on the Baron or has someone above the Baron on his side.
Bandits in the area of this seem to be working for a larger organization. They seems to be working with the Barons of the North and South. One of the letters was from the guards in the Southern Baron’s capital, Novi Ren, where they were ready to betray Baron Ren. Eliminate the bandits and gather any proof of their activities.
- we have good directions
- guards are working with the sheriff Kalen(some might be true to their cause)
- contract we can trust is the blacksmith Torba near the keep, honest man according to scout
- town knows there are bandits in the area they have concerns
- guards are run thin due to the size
- farming communities are left pretty much left on their own
Scout’s informant (he?) from the east is a gnome(?) with crazy pointy ears and big ass eyes with a face mask that turned out to be a Yordle. Kennen, has stout legs and was wearing a mask covering his face more rodent/squirrelish… Yordle are a legendary “cute” race. They are from the eastern area. Calls Scout Sempei, learned student.
- Kennen is to Scout as Bob is to Ashter
o Baron Ren is born into power
● Stopped at Jaynestown and I placed an order for more moonshine. Helped clear out the hidden hold for the tavern.
Ran into 2 dire wolves on the road. Took them down and skinned them. They had rough leather collars with no insignias. I cooked them them up and they were tasty.
Guards on the way said the bandits are kinda causing more than just normal issues. There seems to be a huge amount of goblin attacks and more other problems. He said they are spread too thin.
● Goblin attacks
● Bandit attacks
● Tithing season
Gershom is a good size city with stone walls and a small lake/large pond on western side of the city and has a good size keep (south size) as part of the wall. Tightly packed. Not very spacious.
At the arrival to the city the main gate was being assaulted by armored goblins. 5 guards were still alive. We managed to save 3 of the guards and take 4 goblins captive due to Nisha’s good use of sleep. Grog is a hero to the city. We have made sure that the guards involved saw how much Grog helped and that he was with us. This was the 1st goblin attack on the city. Goblins were armored using piecemeal parts of this city’s guards.
● This was the perfect time to hit the town.
o Guards out during tithe time
o Sergeant Slaughter Graves provided us plenty of information
● Bandit activity is lower like they retreated in the face of the goblins?
● Beasts in the area as well such as wolves and bears
o But lately manticores and chimera which normally are more in the hills and lowlands
Goblin interrogation
● Camp of farm we burn – guttural speech – one day ride (probably to the west)
● Leader is Gullfang – not hobgoblin or goblin – big mean / hurt
Sergeant Slaughter Graves willing to join us for breakfast.
● Picked up food
● Supplies are short.
o I sell the 1600 pounds of steak! – 3 SP per pound 480 GP
o Taverns are expensive due to the high prices since the city is overcrowded
o We were directed to The Blue Roof Inn
Manticore and Chimera have been moving further out of the hills. Coming from the south.
Larger than normal goblins are in the goblin groups. Coming from the south.
Bandits are from the west.
Blacksmith Greb is a fount of information.:
● Baron Ren is ill. He is no longer making taking as good care as he has in the past. Stays cloistered most of the time. About a month or so ago things starting going the bandits’ way. At this time they are hearing more and more about the goblins.
● Missing people in the town. Other dastardly deeds.
● The master smith Torba at the barracks would know more.
● Spoke of the sheriff, Kalen, fondly.
Master Blacksmith Torba
● Sheriff use to keep the bandits in the woods and away from the town
● Until – he started talking about going into the woods and wiping them out in their entirety. He figured at that point he would be able to work on the next problem as he saw it.
o Taxes
o Making the Baron listen to the serfs
● At this point the bandits started killing off the “heros” or other well known guardsmen of the town
o Trade routes start getting harassed
o Levies aren’t getting received
o Materials not making it to town. Specifically cut off communication from the west.
o Goblins started up. Started taking the supplies. Becoming more organized. Getting better armed and armored.
Breakfast with Sergeant Slaughter Graves
● The goblin attacks are only about a month old.
● Not surprised to hear about more aggressive wildlife being opportunistic.
● Maybe goblins are attacking the bandits and that is why they are falling back.
o Disturbed that the baron hasn’t sent any reinforcements
o Sheriff is ambitious
● Not sure who to blame, sheriff or baron. Long-term animosity between the 2 of them.
● Goblins are more organized.
● No requests from the sheriff for adventurers
● Shady Grove is where most of the attacks had happened
● No more villagers or townsfolk
We leave through the North gates and head east to reach the hamlet of Shady Grove.
Dire Boar and her 3 boars (Piglets)
● Harvested 1000 lbs + 300 lbs veal piglets
● Pair of Dire boar tusks
● 3 pairs of dire piglet tusks
We found a farm that had been abandoned.
2 Dire Bats
● Harvested 2 pairs of dire bat fangs.
● Harvested the dire bat wings and pelts for leather working.
After exploring the town of Shady Grove and finding that it is completely a war torn shell of a town we moved on up the trail toward where the bandits are suppose to be lairing. Shortly after traveling up the trail we ran into an ambush.
6 Bndits
● 6 bandits: 2 half elven, 2 humans and 2 half orcs. They had 2 platforms in the trees where the half elven archers sniped the hell out of the group. The half orcs were hidden in spider holes where they were able to spring out directly into the melee. The humans were more experienced and flanked parts of the party and dropped some seriously deadly sneak attack damage.
● We searched the bodys and found some great gear but no info.
● We need to search the bolt holes, platforms and other hidden spots at the ambush spot. I am hoping to find their camping spot and any additional information stored there. 8 bolt with colored fletching Blue, green, red and yellow
● Pit trap in the road that is 30’ deep and Abadius fell into because it was well camouflaged.
● Swinging log trap
● Pit trap
● Spiked springing trap
● Pit trap with 4 town militia w/ a bolt of green fletching
● Platforms with a green fletching bolt
o Looks like the bandits were winning and pushing the milita further out of the woods and built traps as the pushed them further out. This shows that the militia has not made it back this far after the bandits started winning.
● Red fletching on the game trail that parallels the road but does not run straight.
● And on the trap that smacks the hell out of Abadius we get ambushed by 6 more bandits: 2 sorcerers and 4 human adepts
o Leaflets that are encrypted (after decrypting the leaflets they are patrol orders) and a rough map of the forest
Traveling on in the woods we save a woman from 8 heavily armored goblins. 2 are asleep and tied up.
● Tessa is with the bandit camp. Seems pretty well able to slip out of our bonds.
o Breathlessly she says that the bandit camp is under attack
o 20 bandits vs lots and lots of goblins
● Technically we saved the bandit camp. There are 3 survivors, Tessa and 2 nameless bandits. They were attempting to guard the building and protect the 12 children. 3 of the children are of unknown origin, 5 are from the barony in the west and 4 are children of the camp.
1 troll
60 goblins
3 bugbears
9 bugbear sgts
The humanoids all had a symbol of a shield and crown made of flame.
● Nephix has molested the children into possible worship…
● Tessa has designed a couple of ingenious hand cross bow self-cocking mechanisms.
o She explained the fletching color scheme
▪ Red – trap
▪ Green – ambush
▪ Yellow – camp ground
▪ Blue – warning
o We went over the coded missives, messages from the sheriff, ledgers and the seals. Kennon also identified the information. Northern Baron making a move while the bandits keep the sheriff off his game. The sheriff is threatening the bandits to stick to the deal.
o On the way back to the town we ran into
2 Giant Beetles and whooped their asses.
5 ogres w/ the shield and crown symbol made of flame
Tessa says she has never seen Ogres in this area before.
Kennon says that the crown and shield of flame is a common symbol to the south of the area.
Meeting someone in the temple of douchebaggerie.
Strange activities. Groups of folks in parts of the catacombs.
Not normally active with people.
Illness caused by the area
Saw BOB (victim #1) hanging out with the ppl
Hunched creatures with red glowie eyes
Controlling the area is removing markers according to Walen
Ability to lock off areas but it won’t completely restrict the city
Musty smell
6 Ghouls 1 escaped
Secret passage under the alter that leads to the crypt type area.
We followed and came to a large room with a bunch of grates both in the floor and ceiling. There was a stream bed that ran across the room and both to and from tunnels. We knew the ghouls were going to ambush us so we prepared Molotov cocktails. When they started to attack we firebombed the two tunnels entering the chamber but the ghouls came in through the grates.
20 Ghouls total for this room, 12 then 3 on one side and 5 on the other through the grates.
During this fight we had to deal with the paralysis and ghoul disease. Nephix did not help Grog and ended up in a bad spot himself when he was paralyzed. Grog and Tessa was separated from the group when the ghouls attacked because they were on one side of the stream and everyone else was on the other. Callum was a huge benefit for the party and he used his channeling capability to hurt many of the ghouls and heal the party as necessary.
Once we defeated the ghouls we slipped down the tunnels and headed left.
3 Ghouls
Ambushed but no serious issue. We knocked out the ghouls quickly and continued down the tunnel. The tunnel led us to a wide-open area that is completely dark with a small ledge leading both directions. We saw a platform further out over the precipice, so we climbed out there and set camp.
8 Ghouls and 2 Ghoul Archers of pain in the assness
2 Ghouls with a missive
The Encoded message is from the master and they are raiding the Sheriff’s Keep. “Send the best armed and meet at BLAH attack a guard station through a drainage ditch. When you see the signal, “you will know it” retreat.
6 Ghouls and 2 Ghoul Archers of pain in the assness
Missives that are encrypted and translated in Necril. The ones we can translate say:
General says – ledger activity number of infected, goes back weeks – months and where they explored and started from.
Funerary rites stolen from temples
- Passage mentions deep dark chiasm and seems almost endless and magnificent underground temple they feared to go in.
- Couple of loose docs dated and recent ones are missives coming in expand the colony and make sure to infiltrate certain sectors
- Looks like invading the city as a secondary task to infiltrate and prepare for a strike including expanding to have the necessary numbers per orders of the master
- Waiting mode after growth was achieved… for the attack
- Communications between colony not keeping good operational security – missives back and forth between recruiter and trainer. Trainer saying to stop grabbing weakling so he has good stock to work with. We make a raid on the sheriffs mansion we need stronger warriors. What if we went into the bandits that are already skilled. Maybe the marksmen?
4 Ghouls, 3 Ghoul archers of pain in the assness and a Ghoul antipaladin
Froghemoth VS the Ghoul battle army from hell. Multiple Anitpaladin ghouls, a cleric ghoul and a wizard ghoul from hell that is at least 11th level because she cast a Black Tentacles and it lasted 11 rounds. Nisha dies in the attempt at escaping the Black Tentacles
We passed all of this information along to Kennon. He called in a couple of extra hero guild teams. They stopped the assassination of the Sheriff and took out the ghouls.
He loves the fact that we have brought him back a lot of information and old maps. He plans on using this information to generate additional quests.
We are now tasked with finding out what is going on with the Goblins and the Crown and Flame symbol.
On the road to the area where the goblins are starting to rampage. There were farmers and peasants fleeing the area. We directed them to tell Kennon at the city Gershom so he could be informed that we have made contact. We also directed the farmers and tradesmen to Jaynestown if they were looking for another place to settle.
62 Goblins and 12 Ogres – Saved the town of a 100 and only lost 16
Session I missed
Met with some elders and Atreyu (woodcutter’s son) – he still doesn’t like me.
Goblins kept pressing and pressing joined with another village for greater numbers
Without us and Atreyu they would have been lost completely
No help sheriff and barony
12 started but 7 Samsarans (6 males 1 females) made it to break through Goblin Blockade to get help. Not a true blockade but more like a trench warfare kind of situation
Pits and palisades
Mile deep battle line
Tried to sneak through the encampments. Ran into a patrol…
10 Goblins and 1 Bugbears – bugbears giving goblins bonuses to their attacks and defense
Lured them into a trap sorta… One bugbear escaped.
Moved to save the Samsaran, Grayle, that was fleeing and so we killed
10 Goblins
Ran when they turned around and saw 50 Goblins, 2 Ogres and 6 Bugbears following him. When they reached a clearing there was a place it looked like the Samsarans looked like they were farming. The Goblins would not follow the group into the clearing. They stayed where they were and taunted the group.
The Samsaran says the horde never gets closer than the field, but are now getting bolder as they used to never enter the clearing at all. Not sure why they stop… (See Matron Miranda, below)
Hermit – learned about it from the crown and flame goblins with Kennon and we had it mentioned again by the Samsarans. Suppose to know about the situation.
Khahenna is a village of the Samsarans that appears to be very wealthy and has no restrictions about the entrances. Most village buildings appear to house more than the families.
Only residents remain. No visitors.
Shrine where Matron Miranda sees to the needs of the village.
Use to be surety that the Samsarans would reincarnate – NOT ANY MORE – what is going on with this? Callum doesn’t want to talk about it.
Mary offers us Po cha – a creamy tea we drink it and she will teach me how to make it later
At the shrine – Fountain and central area
Water is refreshing and invigorating. Thoughts coming more clear. The temperature appears more tolerable.
I ask Grayle about the water and he mentions that it has healing power of mind, body and the soul.
Inside the shrine is open and simply designed. Many people are meditating in the shrine. A water fountain with little decoration is central to the shrine. Matron is staring directly at me (and everyone else).
Horde is spreading from the West of Kahahenna. The matron does not know who is leading the horde. Spread through the wooded area.
Matron suspicions are that the spring may inhibit them… Unlikely. Primary reason is they are told not to.
Source of spring is deep into the mountains. No one knows where.
Hermit is a day journey up the path. He is called the Wizened One. No known name. Old – Older than I, says the Matron, 2000
years old. Speaks words of great wisdom. His mind is often lost in the sea of his own knowledge. Listen careful to his words. Patience is the matron’s best advice. Likes Tart food.
I asked the Matron if a Samsaran could be controlling the horde since this area seems to be protected. She says it is unlikely. But a Samsaan controlling the horde is not impossible.
Disappearances in the village over the years mostly travelers or visitors. Considered lost or other suspicions. Two villagers have gone missing. They are not adventurers or hunters. Both were young women. Noticed the disappearances immediately. No reason to go missing. Explanations to go missing BS.
Sarah working the kilns in the evening. Friends with some of the scouts. Upset the scouts were leaving. Upset because the scouts were taking on a dangerous mission. Disappeared the same night the scouts left.
Last seen speaking with the scouts. Training area. Disappeared from the kilns. Kilns run to anytime. Only keep the noise down after hours. The evening of her disappearance more work in her area, which means most likely she was here. (approximately 30 mins past dusk) Large open area. Suffered a burn – treatment with Joseph.
• Pattern for the pottery is off for the last piece.
o Something off for the baking leaving the piece brittle and 2 sections are not complete, like a missing section of the pattern of diamonds and flowers.
o Baking takes time. Less than 30 mins was used for this piece versus the normal hour time frame.
• Her house is about 5 mins – 10 mins from the kiln.
• She was close to the leader of the scouts, Bill.
• Ryas, a valley girl young Samsaran helped us figure out her routine. Her room held nothing interesting.
o New table made by Aldo local carpenter and gifted to Sarah
• Aldo didn’t make a table for Alex.
• No chance for something swooping down from the air.
Alex was a musician. Finished playing violin or the weird string instrument. Liked to play in the starlight. It inspired her. No sign of struggle. No one saw her go back to her room.
• Played in the square of the town.
o Liked to come out at dusk. Volunteered to help Joseph with healing and other crafts.
o Customers of Joseph would enjoy her music and people coming home from work.
• That area is close to many houses and something coming from the air would be heard. No obvious signs of abduction.
• Between 2 homes is a piece of a violin. The shiny piece caught the light just right.
• Near the new house being built.
o Grayle knew both of them well.
Last the Matron tells us about the Mountain “The Lady” snow capped peak long and flowing down the top. Named for a hero past. Named after a mighty heroine known for her long white dress. Stopped a great threat in this area. Over 2000+ years old as well. 1st of her party that died protecting these lands vs “The Foe” and the heroes still prevailed in this area. 2 members of this party survived to make it back.
The Matron knows this symbol from the wizened one’s area a Shield and Crown made of flame.
Evidence of rebirth being deterred…
Cycle could be broken or falling apart. No sense of the Rahkshasha.
Current theory is that the spread of Mortalis’ influence (and the resulting increase in undead in the world) maybe blocking the flow of energies needed for Samsarans to reincarnate.
Matron for no poop in the House.
Chimera – tries to charge the group.
Any scales off the dragon could be used as a spice
Goat horns are used from virility
Red dragon and flame sacks are known as a delicacy
Liver is always exceptional
Wings and declaw used to distinguish kill
1 Chimera killed mercilessly
Hermit is talking to himself or talking about himself
Watery Spring – Source is deep within the mountain of no name is pitiful mountain. No natural springs in this mountain. Created by someone that fought the great evil over this land. Spring created by accident.
Crown and Shield of flame – not related to any treant? But Hermit Knows a tree…
Old leather piece of equipment that has the symbol. Given to him by an old friend called tinklebaums.
The old leather item is literally a strap of leather. It bears the same symbol you found on the goblins and bugbears and ilk. But it is very very old. Julius said it was a remnant from the past.
Legion of Fire – Crown and Shield of Fire, knows of the Water Elemental and is afraid of it because of the last time it was fought off.
Seek in the village for the disappearances.
The spring is monstrous Water Elemental…
The spring comes from deep within the mountain that Khahenna sits on the side of. The waters flow out of the mountain side into the village. As far as the people are concerned it’s a natural spring.
Hermit called – Julius – Possibly the tree’s name… “Trees don’t have names!”
Journal that he kept –
Fire Giants – the Legion of Fire is a great conclave of the giants that use slave armies of goblins, bugbears and lesser giants like Ogres to try to conquer the region. They were trapped in The Lady by the heroes last time they tried their conquest – The Lady is actually a volcano that’s been sealed shut.
Questions Sent to Larry
Julius, who are you? What are your qualifications to offer us advice?
He has lived many many years. He has been in the area for as long as he remembers at least 2000+ years. But, appears human. Just hanging out on the side of the mountain. Did a lot of research wanted to prevent “it” from happening again. Wanted to prevent the legio from returning.

So when Julius says the leather piece is a remnant of the past ask him if it is his past? Was he one of the heroes that survived?
He was not one of the heroes, but he was amongst them.

Who were the 2 heroes that survived sealing in the volcano, white lady?
Fought against the fire giants, many back them. Lost many lives in the struggle. Not just in this area. Strong hold in the lady. Cannot remember the heroes names. One died shortly thereafter. Famous but seen as failures.

Can either of them be spoken with? Samsaran reborn? One of the long lived races?

Since the journal was lost. Please dictate what you remember of the journal prior to losing it.
Just gone. Wrote all about his adventurers and the conflict. Cannot seem to remember it.

The creatures, Fire Giants and their slaves hill giants, bugbears, hobgoblins, goblins and ogres with subjugated fire elementals are spread through a large area. From the area Tessa is from to here the goblins and other creatures spread out. Strengthened the hold in mountainous areas and spread. Seems like the same tactics from before. Did not use undead in the past.

How was the lady sealed?
Lady was sealed by magic. Leader of the troop. A learned caster… Arcane? The ICE CAP on the mountain is what sealed the volcano.

I want to get a map of area specifically with the known camps and scouting routes of the goblin army.

- List of local villages that we might be able to recruit to be local militia.
- Where is the Fire Legion’s HQ?
o The lady
o Outside this area the survivors fled to deeper in the mountain.
o He suspects that the magma tubes or something similar was used to communicate the knowledge to the troops.
- Who or what are the Fire Legion’s Leaders? And, where are they?
o Fire Giant King brought the tribes together.

A second map of the area that covers between the Lady and the Spring. Or, at least a map between the Samsaran village and the Lady.

Is there a way to get the Samsarans to safety without crossing the battle lines?

Do you have any other information about the Samsaran disappearances? Who is responsible?
He thinks it has to be in the town because they are cut off from the outside.
Why is the goblin hordes not coming into the Samsaran area.
He thinks that the Water Elemental is keeping him out.
Planning to take on the Goblins
Find out what is causing the Samsarans disappearances
Hermit said to look into the town
Enlist Local villages as militia to help w/ the guerrilla warfare
Take out the scout parties
Eliminate the supply lines
Strike and fade at the camps to take out the watchers and set fire/destroy camps to demoralize.
Sent a letter to Kennon with the Falcon Figurine explaining the situation and the request for reinforcements and information. Tessa encodes it and sends it.
Meeting with the Elders
The Matron, Grayle and Joseph plus 3 others are part of the group we wished to make sure are above reproach. Joseph is the most vocal opponent.
• Grayle is willing to submit to the zone of truth.
o After the other elders disagree we never verify he is clear of any wrong doing.
After the Elders are Jackasses
Aldo is the evil alignment Samsaran that was a serial killer in Kahahenna. We thought this was originally Joseph but he was just an asshole. However when we discovered he was not the bad guy, just a jerk we discovered the hidden murder room and all of the serial killer memorabilia.
Joseph’s secret room is being filled with food stuffs and emergency gear including weapons to be an emergency bolt hole if this town falls to enemy forces.
Aldo had a bolt hole above the town where we found the serial killer memorabilia. This bolt hole could be a great hidey hole if we are in dire straights.
Ask the Samsarans
1. Are any Samsarans staying?

2. Any staying have skills we can use?

3. While we are scouting and planning the exodus have the craftsmen put their abilities to use… Alchemist splash weapons for the Samsarans and us, camouflage clothing for Samsarans and us, other secret rooms and bolt holes for emergencies and shelter if we return to the town.
Camoflage Clothing
Good traveling clothing
Good carrying gear (backpacks and the like)
Land vehicles
Locate other secret rooms

4. Make sure we aren’t leaving behind anything that can be used by the enemy. Sadly this might mean either booby trapping things like the kilns/blacks nothing shops or destroying them.
They had no problem with booby trapping and destroying the eq that could be used by the enemy.

5. Any Samsaran cartographers? Maps of the areas: between town and city? Between the lady and this town? Any subterranean areas? None.

6. Does anyone have any idea where the water elemental is located? Or how to communicate with it? No

7. Does anyone know how to locate the hermits journal? No

8. Does anyone know the area around and under the lady? No
9. Does any other house have secret rooms made by Aldo? Searching
Battle Lines
Trenches for long term warfare widest 8’. With cavalry traps that would stop any charge.
Towers and good lines of sight.
Checkerboard spread out of bases with good spots for protecting the base and uninhibited lines of sight.
Letter from Kennon
Heroes might take a while to arrive
Crowe is heading to check out the bandit camps. Where we found Tessa. This will verify that the goblins are in the area.
The Ghoul squad will be heading out of the area to Baron’s city because it appears that the ghouls came from that area.
Son of Dyra said we are ok… (Atreu is going to meet up with the sons of Fenra.)
2 Bugbears
13 Goblins


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