Callum Dhavrim

Samsaran Warpriest of Pharasma


STR: 18, DEX: 16, CON: 16, INT: 16, WIS: 22, CHA: 17
AC: 26
HP: 50
WILL: 11

Blessings: Repose & Healing


I am Callum and I’ve died at least twice in the service of Pharasma, Goddess of the Dead. To be fair, I’ve lived and died thousands of times through the ages, each time reborn to a new body and new life while carrying with me the lessons of those before. But this is different. Something is changing. And I’ve begun to learn that there is something fundamentally wrong with my people’s cycle of rebirth. The first time I was Tobin, a cleric in Her service. That life is difficult to remember, like a dream upon waking, but I remember that I was killed for learning of something I was not supposed to know. The next time I was Dhavrim, a paladin of the Grey Lady – I sought to uncover the circumstances of my last death and bring those who’d committed the crime to justice. I died because my code would not permit me to do what must be done once I finally found those responsible. That life is clearer, but the most important details – who killed me, what the secret was – these things still elude me. Names and faces flit about at the edge of my memory, vanishing when I try to focus on them. This time, I am Callum and I am a warpriest of Pharasma. I do not seek my own death, but there are questions I can no longer set aside and with each life I will do what I must to find the answers I seek. For me and for my people. But this time I am not relying on the Church alone – I have found companions and will become a part of the Adventurer’s Guild. I will grow in strength, I will make contacts and gather resources and I will use every tool at my disposal. I will build my network across this life and as many other as is needed. I have a plan to alleviate the karmic imbalance in the world. Pharasma send that I will succeed in time…

Callum Dhavrim

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