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Dakota's journal 2

Things looked bleak. Before us stood a mighty hill giant. Huge. I never knew something could be so big… Abadias asked if my mother was telling stories about him again… I am not sure I know what he means…especially since I never knew my mother… Anyway… on either side of the Giant were 2 ogres… larger and meaner looking than the other ogres we have fought…. Behind him, the foul bugbear general stood snarling at us… Several more bugbears took position behind him…

I summoned my magic to cast Haste on Frost, Abadias, Callum, Grog and Tessa. We spread out and advanced. Abadias, Mordechai and Callum waded into the middle to confront the giant. Frost moved to the left to take out the bugbear lieutenants, Bran and Grog held back to hold off the goblins that had followed us. Tessa and I moved forward. Tessa said that if we get out of this she will show me a special ritual of her people called “scissoring” I am not sure I need my hair cut, but if it makes her happy I am willing to try. Tessa drank her potion of invisibility and took position.

The bugbear general climbed up on the shoulders of the Hill giant… Tessa shot a volley from her two pistol crossbows taking advantage of the sneaking. Abadias, and Callum engaged the giant. Mordechai attacked the ogre on the right. Frost slammed into the ogre on the left, ripping at him with claw, bite and Horns (thanks to my evolution surge). The ogre exploded into gore… Frost then played with the corpse a bit… (Frost is always so silly). Fearing for Tessa I used my magic to make her invisible again.

The Bugbears moved up to attack. One of them spoke some kind of prayer that emboldened all the rest. The others attacked Abadias and Callum. The Ogre on the right hit Mordechai, and the giant had some trouble hitting Abadias. The Bugbear general cast a healing spell on the giant.

Tessa let off another sneak round with her crossbow pistols, scoring a nice hit on the bugbear leader. I cast invisibility on her again and Frost murdered the bugbear who had spoke and strengthened his friends the round before. Abadias and Callum were still fighting the Giant. Mordechai finished off the ogre, and moved to confront the bugbears.

Tessa fired at the giant killing it… She really is spectacular… I fired off a Snowball at the Bugbear general. One of the bugbears summoned a couple goblins but Callum and Grog made short work of them. Abadias killed one of the bugbears, as did Mordechai. Frost killed another bugbear and swept into the last goblin killing him.

Abadias and Callum killed the bugbear general… ending the fight. We managed to save most of the Samsarans… But 20 of them were killed by the Bugbear scum… And worst of all the crazy druid we were protecting was gone… He was strange, kept calling us cranberry and blueberry… he talked to squirrels and chickens. I am not upset he is gone, but the others seem to be…

We gathered up the survivors and brought them back to town. There we met our contact… He did some talking that the others seemed to follow, but he is what Callum would call “the Dick” so I just focused on eating and drinking.,… It seems we are going on a quest to find that crazy druid… oh well.

We divided up the treasure… each share came out to 10,000 gp… I am gonna have some fun in town before we leave, and Tessa and I will do some shopping… Speaking of Tessa, she showed me her “Scissoring” custom… turns out it does not involve hair… It… well I don’t want to talk about it. I really like Tessa, but that was kind of weird… fun, but weird… Tessa said that it is not weird. Anyway we have entered some kind of partnership. Like blood brothers but not… She mostly wants to hold my hand and kiss me… Her people must be very affectionate. I am still deciding what to shop for…



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