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Dakota's journal 1

Today we put our plan into action. We are going to save the Samasarans!!! I don’t exactly know why… Callum says that if they die they will just come back again… Oh well… I like their blue skin… and their food isn’t bad… and the drinks were even yeah, lets save them.

We waited until dark and set out. We have 4 wagons. And we let the old and infirm use our horses… except for Horise… He bit Abadias when Abadias tried to put an elderly on him…

The rest had to walk. We divided ourselves into two groups… Group one was Abadias, Me, Frost and Tessa. Tessa insisted on being in our group. She is really great, always smiling at me and giving me hugs… Really my best friend aside from Frost. Group two is Callum, Nephix and the new guy Mordechai with Grog. I miss Nisha… She was sometimes mean to me, but she was fun. Mordechai is a solid enough guy… I have seen him take on Ogres single handedly… but he has a habit of falling asleep though…

Before we set off I Cast Invisibility and Evolution surge on Frost to make him fly. We wanted him to scout out the Goblin occupied area before we started to move. I used the sight to see and hear through Frost. As always it was unsettling at first but I got used to the sensation. Frost and I saw several new constructions still being built, along with several new trenches… the goblins were stepping up the production. There was also 2 big towers we would have to pass.

We set off with the darkness as our cover. We soon came to workers building onto a trench. Nefix used his God magic to take the shape of a bugbear on a demon horse and bluffed the Bugbear commander to let our caravan through. Unfortunately the trick only lasted a little while and the Bugbear commander and his Ogre bodyguard (as well as all the goblin laborers and more bugbears) soon attacked. Abadias, Mordechai and Grog managed to kill the Ogre and the bugbear leader… Frost and I took care of the other bugbears while Callum and Nefix took care of the goblins and helped the Samsarans on foot flee… Tessa stuck close to me.

We made it through the first blockade and ran into the two fortified towers. I took out the Archers on the towers with Tessa while Frost held up the first gate and Callum and Mordechai held up the second gate. Abadias was killing all the mobile threats and Nefix secured the fleeing Samsarans…

But finally we were free from the towers, the wagons were through and the Samsarans on foot were through. We had won.. Tessa was so excited she kissed me right on the lips… she really is a very affectionate friend!

But when we went through the gate to follow the Samsarans, we saw disaster… The wagons were overturned and on fire… The samsarans captured… and the bug bears were waiting for us with a giant and lots of goblins… I don’t know how we are going to get out of this…



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