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When Dakota is asked about Tessa

What I know about Tessa?

Well, she said her father was a pure blood elf from someplace called the Gadiehal Wildwood. I asked her where that was, but she doesn’t know. She never had anything to do with her father’s family or people. Anyway, her father, I think she said his name was Oak, or Owen or something elfy sounding, was a ranger. This took him far from the elven lands. One day he happened upon a small farm just outside of the village of Ashgrove in the foot hills of the mountains. There he saw a beautiful human girl with fiery red hair… Tessa’s mom, Lerna. The two fell in love (or so Tessa thought) and the elf stayed at the farm for three years with the girl and her family. HE was a skilled and hard worker, so Lerna’s father did not object. During that time a child was born. The elf named her Tes’yla Linlyth Aslan, but that was hard for human tongues, so they called her Tessa. One day the Elf packed up his belongings and set off promising he would return and take Lerna and their daughter to the elf lands where they would live in splendor. This was not to be though. Tessa spent the next 12 years of her life being told that her elven father would return to whisk them away from the hard life on the farm to a life of luxury. Well, her father did not return, but others did. One day while Tessa was playing in the hills above the farm, a small company of elven warriors in shining golden armor arrived at the farm. At first she was ecstatic at the thought that her father had returned., but her joy turned into terror as the elves attacked the farm. She watched as they killed her mother and family and then burned the farm to the ground. She waited until night, then crept back to the burnt farm. She found a few coins but everything else was destroyed. The elves had taken nothing… they had just come to murder her family. To this day Tessa has a deep hatred and fear of elves.

Tessa set off into the world. The only family she had ever known, dead.

She made her way by stealing and scavenging until she met up with a bandit band called the Archers of the silent Arrow. They were recruiting children and she decided to join up. They operated in the Kossoch Forest along Darkwater river. She became an active member and spent her money on body piercings and tattoos. It was with this group that we met up with her.


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