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Dakota's journal 3

The first night in town and its Abdias’s fancy celebrity chef dinner party. Frost is upset because I am taking Tessa as my plus one. Grog doesn’t look very happy either. He came down from his room at the Inn wearing his Dinner jacket and top hat, but when he saw Frost pouting and Tessa dressed up, he just turned back around and went upstairs without saying a word…

Anyway Tessa and I arrived at about 7:00. Abadias was already there setting everything up and cooking. The food smelled great… While we were waiting for dinner to start I made my rounds to my usual high society friends. Lord Ulevander was there… he is what the others call “new Rich” which means he is nicer than most but seems to have something to prove. He introduced me to Lady Cecilia of House Tafton. She is a very important noble from an old family. She has been widowed several times, and told me that her current husband just died… I could have sworn she was married last time I was in town. She is a stately older gal in her late 40’s. I have heard other people call her “Lady Graybush…” Tessa told me not to though… or at least not in front of her. Lady Cecilia invited me and Tessa for a drink at her private table… Her large body guard kept others away while she talked. Lady Cecilia offered to sponsor our adventuring group, but said it had to be under the table… I looked but I didn’t see anything under there. Tessa said that she meant “without Guild knowledge”. She said that we would benefit by getting a discount at the Magic Emporium she owns, and all I would have to do is tell everyone that when I buy magic items I always buy from The magic Emporium. She also gave me a magical pair of bracers as a “sign on bonus”. Tessa seemed happy with the deal so I agreed. I gave Tessa the bracers which earned me a kiss.

We mingled more in the party as the food wasn’t quite ready. Lady Renwald was wearing a beautiful dress. I showed Tessa the dress. It must of cost a fortune.. Lady Renwald is a larger lady but the dress still looked great on her.

Finally the food was ready. We gathered around a large table where the food was set up. Abadias had prepared Rare Chimera Shank with Chimera pate’ and a wild pear and onion garnish. Desert was cinnamon dragon scale cupcakes. The food was delicious and caused quite a buzz. I talked up Abadias and said that he catches all of his ingredients fresh himself and is the only chef I trust with my daily food… A rival chef named… something frenchy… started talking about how the food was mediocre and pedestrian. Abadias defended his cooking which caused the Frenchy guy to challenge him to a food duel. Apparently that is a thing here. Abadias agreed under the stipulation that each chef could only prepare what the hunted and killed themselves. Frenchy agreed. Lady Cecilia said that frenchy is a master chef and Abadias may be in trouble… I asked her how to become a judge and she said it was basically up to her as the host… So maybe I can be a judge.

The next day Tessa and I went shopping. I didn’t need anything but Tessa needed basically everything. We bought her new armor, new weapons, and other essentials. She was happy and gave me another kiss… When we got back to the Inn there was a commotion out front. A mob had formed to kill the Samsaran serial killer we had brought back. Callum was trying to explain to the crowd that if they killed him he would just reincarnate and would not receive the punishment he deserved. Bran convinced the crowd to let him take the samsaran out of town with him and meet out punishment on his terms. For some reason a lot of the villagers really like Bran and some even believe he is truly a god… So they agreed. I am confused. He is a killer. Why let him live? Oh well.

Later that night Tessa presented me with a present. It was a dress just like the one Lady Renwald had worn at the party! Tessa said it would need to be fitted to me as it was a little large, but we did not have time while we are in town this time. She also said that it would be in poor taste to wear the same dress Lady Renwald had worn the night before so I should wait a while before wearing it… I asked Tessa why there was blood on the dress. She told me not to worry about it. Tessa is so thoughtful!!!

The next morning we set off. The Samsaran prisoner with us. We travelled all day and came across a farmhouse.. everyone was dead… it looked like goblins had killed them.

We continued on and stumbled on a goblin camp. The goblins were sleeping, so we snuck up on them and killed them. We left one alive for questioning. We let Bran and Grog question him. He did not have much to tell us so Bran told Grog to murder him. I am torn. Goblins are evil…. but so is the Samsaran prisoner. Why does he get to live and the goblin who surrendered peacefully have to die… Abadias seemed confused as well…

After that we saw the large town in the distance. There was bonfires all through it and it did not look right. I cast invisibility on myself and Abadias. Callum, Tessa and Bran snuck up into the town. It was occupied by Goblins, bugbears and some ogres. We searched a bit (being stealthy) but saw no signs of the crazy druid we are looking for. We decided not to chance fighting the large number of troops in the town and set off.



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